It gives us immense pride to state that MAT has taken great leap in its charitable work this year. One of the reasons MAT was formed was to give back to the community through its activities. This was planned to be done with the help of its Youth Wing knowing the effect this charitable work will have on the Youth in the community. Each succeeding MAT Team has taken this task to the next level.

Metropolitan Ministries

This year our youth Volunteered with the Metropolitan Ministries in not only helping with the kitchen work but also taking part in its cleaning drives on Saturdays.

Habitat for Humanity

MAT also teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and its youth volunteered in its Retail stores. These voluntary activities not only helped the Youth with getting their Voluntary hours but also show cased MAT in the larger community.

SOS Village

MAT not only served its resident community but also did not forget where its members came from. This year part of proceedings from the stage show YiFi held on May 28th went to benefit children from the SOS Village in Tampa. A sum of Rs 1,00,000 (Rupees one lakh) was donated by MAT. This helped to educate, feed healthy food and get the children to live in a healthy environment. MAT’s donation will benefit five children for a year.