Dear Sponsor,

Malayalee Association of Tampa (MAT) would like to thank you for supporting us during the year 2017.
MAT’s primary focus has been to promote and guide our youth in charity work in the community. MAT’s youth have volunteered at Metropolitan Ministries and Habitat for Humanity to name a few, serving food to the homeless and building homes. Our charity initiatives have educated children in India. In 2016, we have sponsored five children in Residential Schools through SOS. We will continue to do more by empowering our youth. Our philosophy is ‘If the community takes care of its youth, then the youth will take care of its community.
I hope you will continue to support us by pledging a plan below. For the first time an organization is giving back to the businesses and individuals who support them in more ways than one. Please read benefit of each plan and contact me.
Thank you,
Vijayan Nair

Sponsor Benefits – All checks payable to Malayalee Association of Tampa
New York Plan: One hundred dollars ($100)
Advertisement and Sponsor promotions at any of our events.
Seattle Plan: Five hundred dollars ($500)
Sponsors will be highlighted and promoted in all MAT’s events.
San Diego: One thousand dollars ($1000)
Seattle Plan plus +*Business skills development OR **Life Coach Plan for business owner in 2017
Dallas Plan: Two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500)
San Diego plan and skills development workshops for Business employees*** (20 max) for 2017
Tampa Plan: Five thousand dollars or more ($5,000 or more)
Dallas plan for two years.
*Business skills development
Business owner will be evaluated by Vijayan Nair ( See profile) and advised on improvements in business that can be done to make the business more effective. This is done on an as needed basis.
** Life Coach Plan for business owners
Business owner can take advantage of the life coaching by focusing on his personal improvement as well as his business improvement by developing skills to make him/her more successful. Ex, Time management, personal skills, speaking skills, networking skills, etc.
*** Skill development for Business employees.
This seminars worth thousands of dollars will be offered free of cost to the business owner at least twice a year. Employees up to twenty can be trained in soft skills like public speaking, memo writing and sales techniques. The training will be done at business site.
• Please attend our first skills development seminar for business professionals in March 2017. Register early. Seating is limited.

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